Faith-Based Initiatives to Transform the Food System Grant Application

The Presbyterian Hunger Program (PHP) is encouraged by the emergence of the many faith-based initiatives sprouting up around the country to bring resilience to our food system, and health to people and God’s Creation. These efforts often engage youth and multiple generations, result in greater food security, give people decision-making power over their food, increase healthy eating, create jobs and local economic growth, support local family farmers, use land ecologically, raise awareness about local and global hunger and poverty, and encourage a view of food as sacred and as a right for all people. When done well, such initiatives are wonderful ways to build relationships, community and power. We are eager to support this work as one small way we can help build God’s vision of a New Heaven and New Earth.

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  1. PHP funds hunger and poverty programs internationally primarily through the Joining Hands Against Hunger country networks along with a number of programs in certain countries. Financial support is sent directly to organizations in those countries and not through intermediary support organizations or congregations based in the US. For this particular grant the application needs to be submitted for initiatives by a PCUSA congregation in the US.

    by Jessica Maudlin

    June 19, 2012

  2. DO you fund hunger programs internationally? WOuld you be interested in supporting a feeding program designed to combat malnutrition, provide food security, and insure self sufficiency? I am working with an Episcopal congregation in the DOminican Republic and am seeking funding for this project. Please advise Blessings and Peace

    by rev. ronald r. winley

    June 13, 2012

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