Fastest Growing Presbyterian Churches

To learn more about congregations that have been successful in increasing their size, we invited the fastest-growing PC(USA) churches to take part in the U.S. Congregational Life Survey in 2011. Learn how these growing churches and their worshipers differ from those in other PC(USA) churches. What strengths do they have?




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  1. This is an excellent study. What happens next? If the church maintains the membership loss going forward, then what? I have been reading with great inspiration the Princeton Seminary Bulletin that contains I guess transcribed sermons and messages particularly from the Preachers of the late forties and fifties and receive much insight and hope from them. They are available on the internet. I grew up in the Pres. Church as sat under the teaching and preaching of some greats, including D. Reginald Thomas (First Church Germantown PA), Dr. James Boice (Tenth Pres., Philadelphia before leaving to the PCA), Dr. Frank Harrington (Peachtree Pres. Atlanta) and we just do not have the spiritual gravity and insight as of yore. I am not one to take joy in the splits and membership declines yet given all the above and background we read about almost every day, the day of reckoning is fast approach for the denomination. Who will, after all, be left after all of us over 55 years of age die?

    by Robert Kellner

    August 19, 2012

  2. You raise a good point. Except for case studies of small numbers of congregations, research on congregations rarely looks at the content of sermons in detail. The reason is the difficulty of doing so, in time, expense, and analysis. But just because something is not studied adequately does not mean that it has no effect.

    by Jack Marcum

    July 18, 2012

  3. I see in this report there is no comparison of sermons teaching the bible and Jesus versus sermons about how to do "church". My congregation is declining, and most sermons are organizational in context, for instance teaching that Jesus wants us to invite our neighbors to church versus spiritual in nature. For instance, teaching that Jesus loves us, died for us, provides grace for us, desires our response to accept him as Lord of our lives, includes a call to accept Jesus

    by Dakota

    July 16, 2012