Form 4 - Report on Consultation

A summary report of the consultation, completed by the committee/commission overseeing preparation for ministry and the inquirer/candidate, that indicates developmental progress in the five key areas along with growth objectives agreed to for the next year. The completed report is sent to the inquirer/candidate, theological institution, and sponsoring session.

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  1. In moving to "digital forms," directions like those on the previous "paper form" to "Please attach additional sheets as needed" no longer work. Space for responses must be supplied in the digital form itself. The difference between Form 3 and Form 4 prior year reporting is that Form 3 is the inquirer's or candidate's self-reporting, while Form 4 records the CPM's own assessment in light of both the Form 3 and the consultation.

    by Tim Cargal

    July 19, 2010

  2. I am member of CPM from the Presbytery of Olympia. The new form 4 has 2 pages - why? One page back and front was more convenient, don't we have enough papers in those files? The review of growth from the year before is not necessary in this form. This is discussed in the form 3 and during the annual consultation. Why write it down again in this form? and now on two pages?

    by Anne Porter

    July 14, 2010