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Korean Version - Proposed Amendments

  • 제 I부  Part I
    • 새 정치형태New Form of Government
  • 제 II부 Part II
    • 벨하 신앙고백서Confession of Belhar
  • 제 III    Part III
    • 은사와 자격—개정안G-6.0106b
    • Gifts and Requirements—On Amending G-6.0106b
    • 지정서기 혹은 당회서기의 면직—개정안G-9.0203b
    • Removing Stated Clerk or Clerk of Session—On Amending G-9.0203b
    • 성적비행 방침의 필수화—개정안G-9.0404e
    • Requiring Sexual Misconduct Policy—On Amending G-9.0404e
    • 공천위원회—개정안G-9.0801a
    • Nominating Committees—On Amending G-9.0801a
    • 노회 명부와 기록부—개정안G-11.0407
    • Presbytery Rolls and Registers—On Amending G-11.0407
    • 유자격 기독교 교육자—개정안G-11.0407 과G-14.0730
    • Certified Christian Educators—On Amending G-11.0407 and G-14.0730
    • 대회의 기능—개정안G-12.0100
    • Synod Function—On Amending G-12.0100
    • 공천 절차—개정안G-13.0108, G-13.0111a와 G-13.0202b
    • Nominations Process—On Amending G-13.0108, G-13.0111a, and G-13.0202b
    • 안수식과 위임식에 첨가되는 기도문—개정안W-4.4003, W-4.4004와 W-4.4006
    • Prayer Added to Ordination and Installation Services—On Amending W-4.4003, W-4.4004 and W-4.4006
    • 시행 중지—개정안 D-6.0103
    • Stay of Enforcement—On Amending D-6.0103
    • 예비 질문—개정안D-6.0306, D-8.0302와 D-13.0302
    • Preliminary Questions—On Amending D-6.0306, D-8.0302, and D-13.0302
    • 조사위원회의 활동 검토—개정안D-10.0202
    • Reviewing Work of Investigating Committee—On Amending D-10.0202
    • 공소시효—개정안D-10.0401
    • Time Limit—On Amending D-10.0401
    • 무죄판결을 위한 상소—개정안D-13.0102와 D-13.0106
    • Appeal of “Not Guilty” Verdict—On Amending D-13.0102 and D-13.0106
    • 상임사법 전권위원회의 결정—개정안D-13.0404
    • Decision of Permanent Judicial Commission—On Amending D-13.0404
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