Proposed Amendments to the Constitution - Part 2 of 2

Including: Note from the Stated Clerk, a list of the amendments with advice from the ACC, and an index.

Approved by the 220th General Assembly (2012) and recommended to the presbyteries for their vote.

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  1. The Bible, God's Word, tells us not to alter it's message one jot or iota, but it seems that this church is opting to deviate from the Word, excising those verses which just don't seem to fit in today's WORLD. In your effort to please men, you are ignoring the many verses which address the things God abhors. In particular, I wonder how you come to grips with Romans 1:26-27. I am not haughty, arrogant or hateful. I recognize myself as a sinner, so at this point in my life I accept Jesus' atoning work on the cross on my behalf, but I opt to seek His righteousness. This is not so I can finally become right enough. I do it because I wish to represent Him well. I think the Presbyterian Church USA needs to love all, BUT should not ignore those segments of scripture which bear upon how God wishes that we carry out our lives. So, I encourage you to re-assess your apparent acceptance of same sex marriages, and withdraw your public criticism of the Indiana legislature's recently passed law. Can't Christians accept the Bible as is without being attacked as literalists or hate mongers? Other than to say God is love, I would appreciate knowing the theological foundation your church is holding onto which would permit same sex marriages. I had one church tell me that Sodom and Gomorrah were punished for conducting daily commerce. Please use some reasoning more compelling than that! I would just ignore these actions on your part, but my true goal in life is to widen the pathway to heaven - not let someone gain a false comfort that calvary covers it all - now just sin as you'd like!

    by William Hann

    April 1, 2015