Stated Clerk Nomination Committee Nomination Process Report - April 2016

  1. Conducted a Churchwide Survey on qualities and characteristics desired in the next Stated Clerk. The survey was translated into Spanish and Korean.
  2. Developed a Job Description for the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), based on survey results. The job description was translated into Spanish and Korean.
  3. Developed Job Advertisement for the position of Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
  4. Developed Job Application Requirements. The job application was translated into Spanish and Korean.
  5. Telephone Interviews, January 2016, 13 candidates. Fifteen minute interview with each candidate.
  6. Executive Assessment  for Six Candidates.
  7. First Round Face to Face Interviews with Six Candidates, March 2016. Two hour interview with each candidate.
  8. Background Checks.
  9. Reference Checks. Reference calls were conducted. Primary references were asked to provide the name of a secondary reference who could also speak to the qualifications of the candidate.
  10. Second Round Final Interviews with Three Candidates (April 2016). Three hour interviews with each candidate.
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  1. God spoke; the Nominating Committee listened. God opened the door; Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson entered. Dr. Nelson is cushioned in God's wisdom; filled with God's divine knowledge and obedient to the Holy Spirit and the Will of God. The prayers of his parents, grandparents, sister and All family members and friends, who have seen and have been touched by his witness for Jesus Christ and his commitment to justice for all, are celebrating in God's goodness and His grace. Congratulations to the Presbyterian Church USA and congratulations to you, my brother.

    by Dr. Phyllis W. Sanders

    April 20, 2016