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Guidelines of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry

Presbytery of Western New York

Inquiry provides the opportunity for the church and for those who believe they may be called to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament to explore and test that call together. An effective exploration occurs within a network of caring, supportive relationships- first, between the inquirer and the church session, then with the presbytery, through its Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM), and with the seminary. In regular consultations with the CPM, the inquirer evaluates the personal implications and the suitability of a church occupation, is guided in prayerful examjpation ofhis or her motivation, personal faith and experience in the congregation, and makes a serious assessmenot f the gifts needed by ministers of the Word and Sacrament. This phase also provides the assessmenot f the gifts neededb y ministers to the Word and Sacrament. This phase also provides the church with opportunities to respond directly to the inquirer's questions and concerns.

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