Guidelines For Presbytery's Trustees When a Local Congregation is Closed

“The presbytery is responsible for the mission and government of the church throughout its geographical district.”(G-11.0103) Because of that unique responsibility for the mission of Christ’s church throughout the geographic region, it falls to the presbytery to determine when it is appropriate for a particular church to be closed. “It (the presbytery) therefore has the responsibility and power, to divide, dismiss, or dissolve churches in consultation with their members.” (G-11.0103i) This document is to guide the Trustees of the Presbytery of Great Rivers in their roll in the both the consultation with the membership of a particular church and the presbytery’s decision to dissolve that church. Nothing in this should be read to indicate that the responsibility and power to divide, dismiss, or dissolve churches rests other than with the presbytery. Sections of this document relating to property are guided by and subject to all appropriate provisions of the Book of Order, including G-8.0201 Property Is Held in Trust and G-8.0401 Property of Church Dissolved or Extinct.

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