Haiti links from the Listen up! webinar

Links to information and resources about Haiti from the Listen up! webinar.

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  1. PDA offers “Around the Moringa Tree: A Bible Study Curriculum.” This includes a DVD with a video segment for each of 5 lessons. It can be used with children or intergenerationally. Yes, work continues in the Congo and Haiti around the Moringa Tree, within the context of a larger ministry – which is explored in the videos. In Haiti, it is included through the work of PC(USA) mission coworker Mark Hare. The curriculum is available from PDS by calling 800-524-2612 and asking for PDS# 25412-07-022; cost is $10.

    by Rob Moore

    January 12, 2011

  2. Does Presbyterian Assistance still support the Moringa Tree ministry in Haiti and Africa?

    by Rita Oestreich

    December 28, 2010