Hear the Word podcast - First Sunday of Advent, Year A

Weekly Revised Common Lectionary podcast of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Each podcast (MP3 file) includes four lectionary readings for one of the Sundays or festivals of the church year:  an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, an Epistle and a Gospel reading. Following each set of readings is a prayer for the day from the Book of Common Worship. May these scriptures be a source of challenge and hope as you prepare your heart and mind for Sunday worship, and may the Word of God guide and nourish you in the service of daily living.

If you use iTunes you may subscribe to “Hear the Word.” The newest episodes will be delivered as soon as they are available.

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  1. Barbara, I'm sorry for your frustration. I tried finding past podcasts and had the same problem. Our webmaster has it on her to-do list to get this archive up and running, but it's just not there yet. Bear with us, though; it will be. And thanks for caring enough to say something! It helps our web folks know what to prioritze in their work to upload more and more things that will be helpful to the church. Shalom, Teresa Stricklen Associate for Worship

    by Teresa Stricklen

    November 29, 2010

  2. I finally stumbled upon Hear the Word Advent 1A. I don't mind downloading these episodes myself on my own preferred schedule. However, I would greatly appreciate an easier and more direct way to find the archive list. What steps should I follow? Grace and peace, Barbara

    by Barbara Lou Morrison

    November 27, 2010