Hear the Word podcast - Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Each podcast (MP3 file) includes four lectionary readings for one of the Sundays or festivals of the church year:  an Old Testament reading, a Psalm, an Epistle and a Gospel reading. Following each set of readings is a prayer for the day from the Book of Common Worship. May these scriptures be a source of challenge and hope as you prepare your heart and mind for Sunday worship, and may the Word of God guide and nourish you in the service of daily living.

If you use iTunes you may subscribe to “Hear the Word.” The newest episodes will be delivered as soon as they are available.

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  1. Jo, thanks for this comment. I'm so pleased to hear that the lectionary podcast has been helpful. I share your hope that we'll be able to develop other such resources. Blessings in your ministry.

    by David Gambrell

    PC(USA) Staff

    June 6, 2011

  2. As a seminary student I was expected to exegete the scriptures and prepare sermons just like everyone else. I did have a Braille Bible but the whole thing was 18 huge volumes long sitting on my short shelf in my dorm. I could not paruse the library shelves or purchase the latest printed recommendations by thoughtful professors. Readers helped out but we all were busy students. I am thankful to the Committee on Theology and Worship for making these podcasts available and hope that there will be more such resources that all may hear God's word for us. How great are the works of those who created the technology explosion and how wonderful for all people, no matter their abilities to have these texts to touch, to see and to hear and to interpret on any day of the week.

    by Jo Taliaferro

    June 2, 2011