Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday Resource Packet

What is the role of the church to assist in the effort to end homelessness?  Our denomination has for years selected the first Sunday in August, August 5 this year, to highlight homelessness and also the need, and opportunity to create more affordable housing.  The Presbyterian Network to End Homelessness  (PNTEH), a national organization of Presbyterians focusing on how they can alleviate homelessness,  has created a handbook to aid congregations in both celebrating Homelessness and Affordable Housing Sunday, but also to stimulate ideas leading to action to aid the homeless and encourage communities to create more housing. 

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  1. Thank you for this resource. I have reviewed it on line and have decided to alter my message for Sunday to better brinbg this issue to our congregation. The sermon helps and scripture references are excellent. Thank you. Tom

    by Tom Hastie, CLP

    August 1, 2012