Introduction to the Preparation for Ministry process

Outlines the Preparation for Ministry process, which involves two phases: Inquiry and Candidacy.

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  1. Under the current Book of Order (G-14.0473), a presbytery may shorten the "time requirements of the inquiry phase" for "an inquirer or candidate," but "[u]nder no circumstance shall the time requirement be less than one year." The proposed revision currently before the presbyteries (nFOG 2.0610) does not include the "not less than one year" language. Both, however, require a "full account of the reasons for such an exception" and a three-fourths vote of the presbytery itself (and not simply an action by its CPM) before the time requirements may be shortened.

    by Tim Cargal, Interim Associate Prep. for Ministry

    February 22, 2011

  2. is there any circumstances that can warrant a shortened candidacy phase (less than 1 year?)

    by candidacy ?s

    February 21, 2011