An Invitation to Expanding Partnership in God’s Mission

“Renewed Call to Presbyterian Mission in the World! A Dialogue for Our Shared Future” brought together leaders from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and Presbyterian groups engaged in mission around the world. Participants signed “An Invitation to Expanding Partnership in God’s Mission” at the conclusion of the Dallas consultation held Jan. 16-18.

The invitation includes a covenant to live and serve together and a commitment to work cooperatively. The participants also pledged to celebrate diverse Presbyterian approaches to mission, to share responsibility for education and preparation of all Presbyterians for mission, and to seek and support more mission personnel.

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  1. currently in africa there is a wave of change sweeping the muslim north african states especially egypt and tunisia and we are not sure that this will not have any implication on our muslim brothers in the rest of our african brthers some of who view thes unrests as instigated by christian world. we need to pray about it.

    by kibaara titus kirimi

    February 7, 2011