Hurricane Isaac response bulletin insert (black and white)

On August 28 Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana along a path that was devastated seven years ago by Hurricane Katrina. Communities that have just begun to recover from the impact of Katrina and the Gulf oil spill now face another challenge to rebuild and restore their lives once again. As people of faith, we pray with all who have been affected by this disaster. In these uncertain times we pray, trusting that God remains mightier than even the strongest of storms and largest of waves.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) stands ready to immediately respond to needs identified by mid councils in the affected areas. Trained National Response Team members are being deployed to provide a ministry of presence and help with assessments and other identified needs. Cleanup buckets and Gift of the Heart kits are being considered to help in many aspects of the cleanup and recovery process. Your generosity will make a big difference in the effectiveness of this work.

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