Journeys Through Revelation: Apocalyptic Hope for Today - Lesson Seven: Rapture, Violence and Exodus - video

Journeys Through Revelation: Apocalyptic Hope for Today is the Horizons Bible study written by Barbara Rossing. The Horizons Bible study is published annually, and studied by individuals and groups, women and men throughout the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and other Reformed denominations. Journeys Through Revelation explores the mysterious images of Revelation to find a message of hope and promise.

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  1. right Click on the button and click on save to & save it to desk top or to documents.Then open saved file. BINGO!

    by Mike Walker

    April 12, 2011

  2. I am pretty near the total frustration level with your video downloads! I tried last month to acess them and got nowhere. Another member of my PW circle said the same for her. My husband has tried. We cannot get a video to open up. Please reply. You did not reply last month and I think that is terrible considering the money you make off this series. Thank you.

    by susan caraveau

    April 9, 2011