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Just Purchasing? Practicing our Faith at the Market

This guide – produced by Presbyterian Hunger Program, Baltimore Presbytery and SweatFree Communities – provides tools for groups to learn and teach about sweatshop labor and injustices in the apparel industry. It contains educational resources, theological background and a comprehensive list of sweatshop-free clothing vendors. Camps, conference centers and congregations can approve their own “sweatfree” purchasing pledge and use this resource to put their words into action.




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  1. I am all for this cause and since i live in Lacey, a tri-city of Olympia, I will follow with interest the forthcoming meeting. I will advocate to the groups i am in to really take this issue seriously as i do. Thanks for having the meeting here. Edith SinclairDowning P.S. I am a published hymnwriter.

    by Edith s. downing

    October 26, 2010

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