Leading from Font, Table, and Pulpit

One of the practices recommended by Invitation to Christ is to lead portions of the worship service from the font or the table. The Rev. Marney Wasserman guides us through the whys and hows of this practice and offers suggestions for how this might look in your particular congregation.

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  1. Thanks for your feedback, Betty. Glad you are finding these ideas and practices useful. Could you say more about what kind of music you're seeking? At what points in the service?

    by David Gambrell

    February 25, 2011

  2. These are great ideas and practices. I learned to do most of this from my mentor when I was interning. I need more music for segways. I have never done the charge and benedition from the font. Thanks. Got ideas on music, anyone? Betty

    by Betty Sandy

    February 24, 2011

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