"A Letter to Presbyterians:" The PCUSA 1953 General Council Challenge to McCarthyism

An influential open letter sent by the General Council of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. opposing "red scare" allegations and falsehoods as damaging the moral ethos and democratic practices of our country. In it, John McKay and Eugene Carson Blake make a concise Reformed case for the prophetic role of the church, both in public policy and civic values. The subtitle is: "Concerning the Present Situation in Our Country and In the World." It is an illuminating Christian response to the Cold War, fear of communism, and threats to civil liberties, using Mt. 12:43ff to underline the spiritual dangers. It recommends a just world order, an end to imperialism and feudalism as well as communism, and persistent negotiation for conflict resolution, noting President Wilson's legacy in the United Nations.

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