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  • Go. Disciple. Live.

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyGo Disciple Live

    If you believe the church of Jesus Christ is dying, STOP.  We see the church of Jesus Christ alive.  Find out how our work in Evangelism and Church Growth ministries supports this belief.   






  • Lynn and Sharon Kandel Prayer Card

    Lynn and Sharon Kandel prayer card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you prayer for mission coworkers Don and Sook Choi.

    Lynn and Sharon are working alongside the Presbyterian Church in South Sudan (PCOSS) doing logistical work to build and rebuild school buildings, help organize a teacher training project, and assist with reporting on a peace and reconciliation project for our South Sudanese partners. They also support other mission co-workers in South Sudan with logistical needs. “We are praying that the education aspect of our work will help improve the rate of women and young girls entering school. With education, there comes the possibility of better jobs, better ...

  • Don and Sook Choi Prayer Card

    Don and Sook Choi Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you prayer for mission coworkers Don and Sook Choi.

    Sook and Don serve at the Duta Wacana Christian University in the city of Yogyakarta, in partnership with the Communion of Churches of Indonesia (PGI). Sook teaches Art and English. As an adviser to the president, Don helps build international networks to strengthen the school’s growing graduate program. 

  • 2014 SDOP Brochure

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySelf-Development of People (SDOP)

     This information brochure explains what is Self Development of People (SDOP), who SDOP funds, criteria, etc.

  • Pledge Card for 2015 Mission Pledge of Presbyterian Women

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Women

    Use these pledge cards in the fall of 2014 to gather Mission Pledge commitments from members of your PW in the Congregation for the 2015 Mission Pledge.These cards are part of the 2015 Mission Pledge Packet.

    The cards may be used in any way helpful to your group and giving practices. Consider the following model for use.

    • In fall 2014, distribute envelopes with pledge cards inside to each person (#10 envelopes work well). Ask each person to write her/his name on the outside of the envelope, prayerfully decide how much to give to the PW Mission Pledge in ...
  • World Mission Vacation Bible School Resource

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyWorld Mission

    God's Love Around the World

    Vacation Bible School is a uniquely wonderful time to teach children about God’s love at work around the world. Presbyterian World Mission invites you to consider adding some international mission elements to your summer program. Included in this resource are ideas for connecting with a mission worker, doing crafts, playing games and singing songs that all link to God’s incredible love at work around the world.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Confession of Belhar

    From Office of the General AssemblySpecial Committee on the Confession of Belhar

    The 220th General Assembly (2012) voted to begin the process of amending The Book of Confessions to include the Confession of Belhar (English, Spanish, Korean). Moderator Neal Presa appointed the Special Committee on the Confession of Belhar to study the confession and to provide education about the Confession of Belhar throughout the church. 

    Download this 14" x 8.5" brochure of Frequently Asked Questions or view it in your browser.


  • Claire Zuhosky

    Claire Zuhosky Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for mission co-worker Claire Zuhosky. The card includes a photo and overview of her work.

    As a development specialist at a youth center, Claire Zuhosky will work with the Evangelical Church in the Republic of Niger (EERN) to develop a program in life-skills training and vocational education. Her responsibilities will begin by working with a community to determine the needs of its youth. The goal is to establish a program that the church can operate and sustain with its own resources. “May the Holy Spirit working within me provide the courage to take leaps ...

  • Brian and Sandi Thompson-Royer

    Brian and Sandi Thompson-Royer Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for mission co-workers Brian and Sandi Thompson-Royer. The card includes a photo and overview of their work.

    Brian and Sandi will work with the women’s organization of the National Presbyterian Church of Guatemala in its efforts to empower women. They will facilitate leadership development and will help nurture relationships between Guatemalan women and Presbyterian women in the US. Sandi believes “miracles can happen” when women take leadership roles in families, churches, and communities. “I am a quiet leader, strong networker, and collaborator, bringing people’s strengths and abilities together for goodness,” she says ...

  • 2014 Mothers Day Cards Information Sheet

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyWorld Mission

    Healthy Women Healthy Families  supports a range of programs of Presbyterian partner churches globally that promote health, education, and development of women and children. These programs are aimed at alleviating poverty and suffering of women and children, and include: primary and pre-primary education, prenatal and essential obstetric services, trauma healing and psychosocial support, early-childhood health and nutrition programs, health and hygiene education, food security, and fistula repair surgery. This fund enables Global Partners to implement programs that directly impact the lives of the most-vulnerable community members. Thank you for your support.

    It is a year-round, support ministry of the Poverty ...

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