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  • Presbyterians Today Church Subscription Plans Brochure

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterians Today Magazine

    A church subscription plan to Presbyterians Today gives you a convenient and inexpensive way to educate and inspire your congregation’s leaders; nurture and deepen your members’ faith; energize your members for involvement in mission and highlight what it means to be Presbyterian.

  • Presbyterians for Addiction Action information card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    Presbyterians for Addiction Action (PAA) seeks to promote a healthy life and spirituality.

  • Presbyterians for Disability Concerns brochure

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC) welcomes those who affirm, support and advocate for the gifts, rights and responsibilities of persons with disabilities in the total life of the church.

  • Presbyterians for Just Immigration Postcard

    From Office of the General AssemblyImmigration

    All human life should be lived in accordance with the principles established by God for the life of people and of nations. This is a basic emphasis in my Presbyterian heritage of faith. I thank you for your service to my community and the nation as a whole. As a resident of your district, I want to ask you to help make this community and nation welcoming and safe for new immigrants by supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform that includes:

    *Opportunities for hard-working immigrants to regularize their status, pursue an option to become permanent residents;

    *Reform in our family-based immigration system ...

  • RELUFA brochure

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Hunger Program

    RELUFA joins national and international efforts to advocate changes in the current inequitable and disastrous trends of the extractive industries in the Central African region.

  • Racial Ethnic & New Immigrant Initiative

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyRacial Ethnic & Women's Ministries

    Imagine wanting to deepen your faith and finding the door locked. Now imagine you are the key that people need.

    Won't you open the door for others?  Learn how you can help racial ethnic and new immigrant worshiping communities experience the joy and love of Jesus Christ.

  • Rebecca K. Lawson prayer card

    Rebecca K. Lawson Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for Mission co-worker Rebecca K. Lawson. The card includes a photo of her and an overview of her work. Becca helps the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) develop and nurture partnerships between the UCCP and other churches, non-governmental organizations, and people organizations. At the grassroots level, she assists the church in its advocacy for the human rights of all Filipinos. Working with others, the church engages in issues such as poverty, stewardship of creation, forced migration, the rights of indigenous peoples, gender justice, and unjust land development. “God has called us ...

  • ECG 2012 registration book

    Registration booklet - 2012 Evangelism and Church Growth Conference

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyECG2014

    The 2012 Evangelism and Church Growth Conference will be held July 30th – August 2nd, 2012 in St. Pete Beach, Fla. Five of the ministries of the Evangelism and Church Growth area will host their individual conferences, while sharing group meals, worship, and plenary speakers with the other conferences.

  • Rev. Cathy Chang and Juan Lopez Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for mission co-workers Cathy Chang and Juan Lopez. The card includes a photo and overview of their work. As Regional Facilitator for Addressing Migration and Human Trafficking, Cathy and Juan are walking alongside global partners in their efforts to address these issues. They are also collaborating with Asian churches and non-governmental organizations to assist with coordination efforts to end the scourge of modern-day slavery. They carry a deep concern for those whose hope for a better life for themselves and their families have been dashed by human traffickers. “I pray the Lord would lead ...

  • Rev. Choon Lim and Yen Hee Lim Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for Mission Co-workers the Rev. Choon Lim and Yen Hee Lim. The card includes a photo of them and an overview of their work.

    Choon and Yen Hee Lim were appointed as mission co-workers in 1991. For six years, they worked on the islands off the coast of South Korea in the “Island Medical Mission” of the Presbyterian Church of Korea. In 1997, they went to Taiwan to develop a ministry among aboriginal college students in Hualien with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. In their third assignment, Choon is the PC(USA) regional liaison ...

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