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  • Seminary profiles — Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyTheological Education

    Evangelical Seminary of Puerto Rico (Seminario Evangelico de Puerto Rico)

    Seminary profiles are great individualized introductions to our seminaries. There are 12 profiles — one for each seminary. They may be used one at a time, in groups or as a packet of 12 profiles.

  • Presbyterians for Just Immigration Postcard

    From Office of the General AssemblyImmigration

    All human life should be lived in accordance with the principles established by God for the life of people and of nations. This is a basic emphasis in my Presbyterian heritage of faith. I thank you for your service to my community and the nation as a whole. As a resident of your district, I want to ask you to help make this community and nation welcoming and safe for new immigrants by supporting Comprehensive Immigration Reform that includes:

    *Opportunities for hard-working immigrants to regularize their status, pursue an option to become permanent residents;

    *Reform in our family-based immigration system ...

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