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Brochures and cards

  • Luta and Jeremy Garbat-Welch

    Jeremy and Luta Garbat-Welch Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for mission co-workers Jeremy and Luta Garbat-Welch. The card includes a photo and overview of their work.

    Luta will serve as a community health facilitator in Malawi, where she will be based, and in four other African countries, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Zambia. She will help African partners develop sustainable community health programs. Jeremy, a clinically-trained chaplain, will share his expertise with Presbyterian clergy in Malawi. “We are called to serve God by living holistic lives of faith and health, and sharing God’s message of wholeness to ...

  • Rev. Michael and Rachel Ludwig

    Rev. Michael and Rachel Ludwig Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for mission co-workers Michael and Rachel Ludwig. The card includes a photo and overview of their work.

    Michael and Rachel will work alongside the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger (EERN), helping them develop a literacy training and evangelism program. Niger is among the world’s poorest countries, has a literacy rate of only 29 percent, and experiences frequent famines. “It’s captured our hearts as a place of great need, where people with skills in language and teaching can make a huge impact in the lives of ordinary Nigeriens through literacy training ...

  • Justin and Rev. Renee Sundberg

    Justin and Rev. Renee Sundberg Prayer Card

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for mission co-workers Justin and René Sundberg. The card includes a photo and overview of their work.

    Justin and Renée will work with the Council of Protestant Churches of Nicaragua (CEPAD), facilitating mission teams from the United States who come to Nicaragua to work with and learn from Nicaraguans. Justin and Renée will arrange in-country logistics, help plan education programs, serve as interpreters, and guide visitors as they reflect on their experiences. “We are praying that those who visit Nicaragua for a week of service and exploration will become refreshed by God ...

  • Prayer card - Leslie Vogel

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Connections

    Use this card as you pray for Mission Coworker Leslie Vogel. The card includes a photo and overview of her work.

    Leslie is serving in Guatemala as an intercultural encounter facilitator with the Evangelical Center for Pastoral Studies of Central America (CEDEPCA). She helps CEDEPCA provide North Americans immersion opportunities that enable them to work alongside Guatemalans and experience everyday life in the country. It’s a position that draws on her passion to build relationships with people who are suffering, marginalized, and seeking justice and offer them presence, accompaniment, and solidarity. “My sense of call has always been expressed ...

  • Bottled Water Pledge

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyEnvironmental Ministries

    This resource, developed in 2005, includes facts, tips, scripture references, and encouragement to avoid buying bottled water in disposable plastic bottles. Developed by Presbyterians for Earth Care in conjunction with some PCUSA programs, this brochure helps us to think about our stewardship of God's creation through our use of water.

  • Presbyterian Giving Catalog

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySpecial Offerings

    The new Presbyterian Giving Catalog provides examples of how your generosity can help make an impact around the world. With examples like goats, chicks or new wells providing clean drinking water, the catalog will directly connect your church with those benefiting from your gifts.


  • General Assembly Immigration Reform Overview

    From Office of the General AssemblyImmigration

    This brochure provides an overview of the comprehensive immigration that the General Assembly has called for.

  • Presbyterians Say No Child Soldiers

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Ministry at the United Nations

    Join Presbyterian efforts to end the exploitation of children as soldiers. Find information about the issue and how you can become involved as well as a description of how to participate in the Red Hands Campaign.

  • Volunteer opportunities for Big Tent 2013

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyBig Tent

    Share this brochure of information on how to volunteer for Big Tent.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    • Registration
    • Information Kiosks/Assisting Attendees
    • Exhibit Hall Set-up/Take-down
    • Workshop Assistance
    • Worship Preparation/Ushers
    • Children and Youth Program Set-up/Take-down
    • Misc Opportunities

    How to Volunteer

    1. Go to registration.
    2. If you have an account on the PC(USA) website, log in using this account. If you do not already have a user name and password for the PC(USA) website you will be given the opportunity to create one.
    3. Register as “Volunteer”
    4. Choose when and where you would like to volunteer.
      • For each volunteer “shift,” volunteers will ...
  • Before and Beyond the Benediction; Inclusion of People with Disabilities in the Community

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    PHEWA’s Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC) Network co-sponsors this conference and community conversation, meant for congregations & worshiping communities, community organizations & agencies, families, caregivers, faith based organizations, and service providers who believe we are better together and want to include people with disabilities.  Discover how we can partner together in our communities to make inclusion a reality. Learn strategies for inclusion and make connections with others who share the same vision.

    Download the flier to read more and to access conference registration.

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