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  • Torn bandage request form

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Women

    You may remember tearing sheets into 3- to 4-inch strips and rolling them tightly to form simple bandages. At one time, these were an important part of the Together in Service program. They were sent to medical clinics in developing countries. However, that project has outlived its usefulness. The bandages now sit in boxes in the Brethren Service Center in Maryland, awaiting a new purpose. With that in mind, PW’s Churchwide Coordinating Team and the Brethren Service Center have made an agreement to offer the fabric strips to anyone who wants them.

  • Young Adult Advisory Delegate Gathering Speaker Request Form - 221st General Assembly (2014)

    From Office of the General Assembly221st General Assembly (2014)

    YAAD Gatherings will be open to speakers on Sunday, June 15th; Monday, June 16th; Wednesday, June 18th; and Thursday, June 19th. Each group will be given 3-5 minutes. The YAADs will meet at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center in Ontario East. We will make every effort to insure that all group representatives are given an opportunity to speak. However, depending upon the number of groups and the allotted time, we do not guarantee this provision. In order to understand the purpose and format of the YAAD Gatherings, all speakers are asked to read "The Role of an Observer ...

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