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  • Assembly Expense Reimbursement Procedures and Policies For Commissioners and Advisory Delegates

    From Office of the General Assembly220th General Assembly (2012)

    These procedures and policies have been developed in the interest of good stewardship, and to provide fairly for the comfort and convenience of assembly commissioners and advisory delegates. If you feel there are special circumstances related to your travel plans, housing needs, etc., contact the G.A. Meeting Servic.

  • Assessment: How Culturally Proficient Am I?

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyCultural Proficiency

    Becoming culturally proficient is an on-going process. One of the tools of Cultural Proficiency is its Essential Elements. The Essential Elements of Cultural Proficiency consist of five behavior standards that measure, plan for and facilitate a culturally proficient mindset.

    This exercise will help you assess how culturally proficient you are individually and/or organizationally. The questions provide a baseline of information and will assist you in determining where to start your conversation about becoming culturally proficient. The assessment is approximately 20 minutes.

  • Association for Retired Ministers, their Spouses or Survivors membership application

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyOlder Adults

    Membership is open to retired ministers, their spouses or survivors, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Use this form to apply.

  • Birthday Celebration Form

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMen of the Church

    Use this form to make a tax-deductible gift on your birthday to support mission projects at home and abroad.

  • Birthday Offering grant application (Word version)

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Women

    Birthday Offering grants range from $100,000 to $300,000. Grant requests come from a variety of sources including PC(USA) governing bodies, health agencies, overseas churches, ecumenical councils, community groups, educational institutions and church related groups. Projects must meet the criteria established by Presbyterian Women.

    Submit this Creative Ministries Offering Committee grant application no later than May 15 and be sure to check the box on page 3 that indicates you are applying for a Birthday Offering grant.

  • Boudinot Library Grant guidelines and application

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyFinancial Aid

    Elias Boudinot established a trust to provide books for ministers. He bequeathed to the Presbyterian Church money, the interest of which is to be used to provide useful books to churches unable to provide them. The books are to be selected by pastors for their use, but as the property of the church will remain with the church.

  • Candidate for Ministry Attestation Form

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Form whereby the Committee on Preparation for Ministry attests that it has certified a ministry candidate to circulate a Personal Information Form.

  • Certificate of approval of transfer

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPreparation for Ministry

    Form used in the transfer of an enrollee from one presbytery to another; completed and signed by the stated clerk of the transferring presbytery and the stated clerk of the receiving presbytery, who mails a copy to the Office of Resourcing Committees on Preparation for Ministry. Page 37 of application.

  • Chaplain Liaison to NNPCW application

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyNational Network of Presbyterian College Women

    The Chaplain Liaison to NNPCW is a volunteer position designed to offer spiritual support and guidance to NNPCW participants as well as to provide a practical connection with other higher education entities in the PC(USA).  The Chaplain serves on the NNPCW Coordinating Committee for a three-year term with full participation in all discussions and decision-making processes.

    Specific duties include:

    • Participation in two three-day Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meetings per year (during the fall and spring);
    • Participation in one annual NNPCW-sponsored event
    • Participation in other activities, including attendance at conferences that use the chaplain’s specific interests and skills, at the ...
  • Charter renewal form

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMen of the Church

    National Presbyterian Men’s Ministry Annual Church Men’s Group Charter renewal

    10 reasons for your church to charter with Presbyterian Men

    Keeps your men informed regarding news of Presbyterian Men's events and issues

    Provides your church with ideas on how to involve more men in church leadership and programs

    Helps your church with ideas and resources on how to attract young men into active church membership

    Helps your men better understand their roles as fathers and husbands

    Helps your men identify mission projects that are appealing to men of all ages

    Helps your church identify quality, men-oriented resource ...

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