Forms and applications

  • Certificate of approval of transfer

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPreparation for Ministry

    Form used in the transfer of an enrollee from one presbytery to another; completed and signed by the stated clerk of the transferring presbytery and the stated clerk of the receiving presbytery, who mails a copy to the Office of Resourcing Committees on Preparation for Ministry. Page 37 of application.

  • Chaplain Liaison to NNPCW application

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyNational Network of Presbyterian College Women

    The Chaplain Liaison to NNPCW is a volunteer position designed to offer spiritual support and guidance to NNPCW participants as well as to provide a practical connection with other higher education entities in the PC(USA).  The Chaplain serves on the NNPCW Coordinating Committee for a three-year term with full participation in all discussions and decision-making processes.

    Specific duties include:

    • Participation in two three-day Coordinating Committee (CoCo) meetings per year (during the fall and spring);
    • Participation in one annual NNPCW-sponsored event
    • Participation in other activities, including attendance at conferences that use the chaplain’s specific interests and skills, at the ...
  • Charter renewal form

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMen of the Church

    National Presbyterian Men’s Ministry Annual Church Men’s Group Charter renewal

    10 reasons for your church to charter with Presbyterian Men

    Keeps your men informed regarding news of Presbyterian Men's events and issues

    Provides your church with ideas on how to involve more men in church leadership and programs

    Helps your church with ideas and resources on how to attract young men into active church membership

    Helps your men better understand their roles as fathers and husbands

    Helps your men identify mission projects that are appealing to men of all ages

    Helps your church identify quality, men-oriented resource ...

  • Choosing educational resources with a Reformed faith lens

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyEducational Ministries

    There are many different ways to evaluate curriculum. This form will help your congregation look for examples of teaching and learning activities that are distinctly Reformed. The process can be used to evaluate curricula from a variety of publishers, including online resources.

  • Church Man of the Year nomination form

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMen of the Church

    The purpose of the Church Man of the Year Award is to encourage others, by the example of the recipient, to stir up the gift of God within them and to bring such a vitality of inspiration and motivation for the Gospel that many will become active followers of Christ.

  • Clerk of Session Approval Form

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Form whereby a session approves the Ministry Information Form for circulation with Church Leadership Connection.

  • Commissioner/YAAD reporting form - GA220

    From Office of the General Assembly220th General Assembly (2012)

    220th General Assembly Principal Commissioners and YAAD Submission Instructions

    Visit the 22oth General Assembly (2012) Web site.

    The form for the names of principal commissioners and YAADs is attached to this document. The instructions that follow are to aid you in that process. If possible, complete and submit the form electronically to

    1. Please enter the Presbytery’s name in the first field
    2. Please fill in the number of members of the Presbytery as of December 31, 2010 at the top of the form in the provided field.
    3. Fill in the requested information for your commissioners and YAAD ...
  • Community Transformation Award-Nashville

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    The Community Transformation Award is given to congregations or worshiping communities that, either through ecumenical or interfaith community ministry, or through a special project of the congregation/worshiping community, have been faithful and creative in ministry to and with the community. The award is presented by PHEWA's Presbyterian Association for Community Transformation (PACT).

    Congratulations to Downtown Presbyterian Church of Nashville, Tennessee for receiving this award in June 2012.

  • Community Workshops evaluation

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Use this form to evaluate a Self-Development of People Community Workshop.

  • Company of New Pastors information form

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyTheology and Worship

    The Company of New Pastors
    Providing vocational nurture for ministry candidates and new pastors

    New members should complete this form and return it to Catherine Reuning,
    (800) 728-7228, x5732

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