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  • Winnebago Presbytery Committee On Ministry Procedure For Triennial Visits

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    1. Divide congregations for visitation into three-year rotation.

    2. COM members sign up for visits. If available, read the last Triennial Visit report.

    3. Contact Session Moderator to schedule a 45-60 minute visit with Session and a meal with the Moderator and spouse (where applicable). Include Associate pastors or arrange to meet with them another time.

  • COMs, CPMs and Confidentiality

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    MYTH #1: Confidentiality means secrecy.

    MYTH #2: If you get confidential information, you cannot use it.

    FACT #1: The deliberations of the Committee on Ministry or Preparation for Ministry should be considered confidential. You will report the actions of the committee to council and/or presbytery, but the deliberations should be treated as confidential and any background or supporting information shared during the reporting should be carefully considered. Once you report information, it is public, unless it occurs in the context of an executive or private session of the group to whom you are reporting. Any files which you keep ...

  • Commissioned Lay Pastor Ministry

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    Commissioned Lay Pastor Ministry in the Presbytery of Northern New York

    Discernment process:

    · written application to the Committee on Ministry (COM)

    · session endorsement

    · interview with COM representatives & approval by

    Committee on Ministry

  • Guidelines For Presbytery's Trustees When a Local Congregation is Closed

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    “The presbytery is responsible for the mission and government of the church throughout its geographical district.”(G-11.0103) Because of that unique responsibility for the mission of Christ’s church throughout the geographic region, it falls to the presbytery to determine when it is appropriate for a particular church to be closed. “It (the presbytery) therefore has the responsibility and power, to divide, dismiss, or dissolve churches in consultation with their members.” (G-11.0103i) This document is to guide the Trustees of the Presbytery of Great Rivers in their roll in the both the consultation with the membership of a ...

  • Presbytery of Northern New York

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    Candidate Indebtedness Policy

    When Northern New York is the Presbytery of Care

  • The Covenant

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    The Covenant between The Synod of the Trinity of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and  Davis & Elkins College

    I. Preamble to the Covenant

     Throughout their respective histories, The Presbyterian Church (USA) and Davis & Elkins College have based their corporate lives on the premise that humankind approaches and responds to God through both faith and learning. For example, requirements for ordination as a Minister of the Word and Sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA) make clear that those who sense a divine call to ministry must act on that calling by completing a rigorous program of higher education. This belief in the ...

  • Presbytery of Grand Canyon Continuing Membership and Validation of Ministry Policy

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    In addition to the "Criteria for Ministry of Continuing Members" found in G-6.0100, G-6.0200 and G-11.0403 the following shall apply:

    1. A continuing member shall take the initiative in establishing an active relation to Presbytery evidenced by regular attendance. Regular attendance shall normally be understood to consist of attendance in at least three (3) of the regular stated meetings each year; and request for excuse for all absences. Honorably Retired members are encouraged to attend meetings but are not required to request an excuse for all absences from regular stated meetings.

    2. A continuing member shall exhibit ...

  • Administrative Review Process

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    If information is received in writing from a presbytery within the Synod, from a Presbytery Council of a presbytery within the Synod, or from the Stated Clerks' Conference gathered to review presbytery minutes, to the attention of the Synod Executive, the Stated Clerk, or the Moderator of the Synod concerning any irregularity, delinquency, or other circumstance not in accordance with the Book of Order of the Presbyterian Church USA in any of the presbyteries of the Synod that calls for the exercise of oversight by the Synod, that person shall consult with the other two about the advisability of initiating ...

  • Guidelines of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    Presbytery of Western New York

    Inquiry provides the opportunity for the church and for those who believe they may be called to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament to explore and test that call together. An effective exploration occurs within a network of caring, supportive relationships- first, between the inquirer and the church session, then with the presbytery, through its Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM), and with the seminary. In regular consultations with the CPM, the inquirer evaluates the personal implications and the suitability of a church occupation, is guided in prayerful examjpation ofhis or her motivation, personal ...

  • Committee on Preparation for Ministry Policy Concerning Book of Order G-6.0106(b)

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils

    This policy is intended to provide guidance for CPM members as they act on behalf of Presbytery in the care and oversight of Inquirers and Candidates with regard to Book of Order passage G-6.0106(b). It will also provide persons coming under care, their pastors and their Sessions with an understanding of the nature of confidentiality for the CPM.

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