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Manuals and policies

  • Guidelines of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils Search

    Presbytery of Western New York

    Inquiry provides the opportunity for the church and for those who believe they may be called to the ministry of the Word and Sacrament to explore and test that call together. An effective exploration occurs within a network of caring, supportive relationships- first, between the inquirer and the church session, then with the presbytery, through its Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM), and with the seminary. In regular consultations with the CPM, the inquirer evaluates the personal implications and the suitability of a church occupation, is guided in prayerful examjpation ofhis or her motivation, personal ...

  • Committee on Preparation for Ministry Policy Concerning Book of Order G-6.0106(b)

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    This policy is intended to provide guidance for CPM members as they act on behalf of Presbytery in the care and oversight of Inquirers and Candidates with regard to Book of Order passage G-6.0106(b). It will also provide persons coming under care, their pastors and their Sessions with an understanding of the nature of confidentiality for the CPM.

  • Records Retention Policy for Inquirer/Candidate Files

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    WORKING COMMIITEE DOCUMENTS: During the course of the Committee on Preparation's multi-year oversight of inquirers/candidates for ordination as Minister of Word and Sacrament (under provisions of the Book of Order 0-14.0300), a substantial number of papers, letters, documents, reports and similar documents are generated in the Committee's file on each person under the Presbytery's care. All such records are on-going, working, ecclesiastical records of the Presbytery of Redstone, and copies of substantially all of such documents regularly are provided to the inquirer/candidate concurrently with the document ...

  • NCP CPM Policy for Candidates Not Moving Forward in the Process

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils Search

    The goal of these policies is to keep the process clear and simple and to improve accountability to/from the candidate, the full committee, and the larger church.

  • Materials For Advisors

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils Search

    The advisor is the key to the effective work of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry.  Each advisor should see his or her task as both shepherding and gate-keeping.  The advisor is the continuing liaison with the individual Inquirers and Candidates.  The primary tasks of the advisor are to explain the process, to act as a contact person, and to serve as an advocate for the advisee.  The advisor also communicates the committee's concerns to the advisee, and when appropriate, to the home church pastor and the elder liaison.

  • Biblical Languages: Learning disabilities and an Alternative Course of Study

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils Search

    If the inquirer's or candidate's presbytery judges that there are good and sufficient reasons why certain educational requirements of G-14.0310b(2) b(3) should not be met by an inquirer or candidate, it shall make an exception only by three-fourths vote of the members of presbytery present. A full account of the reasons for such an exception shall be included in the minutes of presbytery and shall be communicated to the presbytery to which the person may be transferred. The successful completion of the course of study specified in such an exception shall fulfill the requirements of ...

  • Clergy Continuing Education and Sabbatical Leave Guidelines

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils Search

    These guidelines for clergy continuing education and sabbatical leave planning are based on several assumptions:

    1. That the ministry is both a vocation and a profession. As a vocation, it is a response to God’s call for an individual to use his/her gifts in service to God’s people. As professionals, ministers have a specialized body of knowledge that they apply in specific ways to attempt to address particular human needs.

    2. That this body of knowledge and its application is not static but continues to grow and develop.

    3. That seminary is simply the beginning of professional ...

  • Church Educators

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils Search

    Church Educators are highly valued and respected within Grace Presbytery. They are a strong and cohesive group that provides innumerable benefits to the congregations of Grace Presbytery through their knowledge of Christian Education and their leadership skills.

  • Alternate Examination Process

    From Office of the General AssemblyMid Councils Search

    The Presbytery of the Western Reserve requests that the Synod of the Covenant approve the following alternate examination process for meeting the examination requirements of G-14.0310b(4) for ordination to the ministry of Word and Sacrament:

    Any candidate who has failed any one of the Standard Ordination Examinations twice may submit a written request to the Committee on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) to take an alternate examination. After consultation with the candidate, the CPM will determine whether the candidate should: 1) be authorized to re-take the Standard Ordination Examination or 2) be recommended to the Presbytery for approval to ...

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