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  • 2013 Christmas Joy Offering Video

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySpecial Offerings

    In this video you will hear how your gifts to the Christmas Joy Offering have been a life-changer for Jackie McCain, who was left in challenging financial situation following the death of her husband Ray, a PC(USA) pastor. You will also learn how your gifts are currently helping deserving students attend Menaul School, an ethnically/racially diverse Presbyterian-founded school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that places its focus on mission and leadership development.

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  • 2013 Peacemaking Offering (video)

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySpecial Offerings

    Through your gifts to the Peacemaking Offering, the Peacemaking Program's Travel Study Seminars (TSS) are helping to shine a light on injustice. In this year's Peacemaking Offering video, learn how your gifts can help provide grants for future TSS participants and how their experiences, and the stories they share, can be a catalyst for change in your church.

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  • 2014 Christmas Joy Offering Logo

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySpecial Offerings

    Download a copy of the Christmas Joy Offering logo in purple, to coordinate with this year's offering materials. 

  • 2014 Christmas Joy Offering images


    Use the following images to promote the Christmas Joy Offering in your congregation:

    CJO Ad 2013 Housing Supplements 2014 CJO BOP
    Shared Grants 2013 RESC_Noe 2013 Emergency Assistance Stats
    2014 CJO BOP Ad 2 PPAS Menaul
    Stillman stat 2013 Income Supplements RESC Ad
  • 2014 OGHS VIDEO: Heurto de la Familia (the Family Garden)

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySpecial Offerings

    Since its inception in 1999, Huerto de la Familia (translation: The Family Garden) has served more than 100 families throughout the Willamette Valley in Western Oregon.

    Through your gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing, the Presbyterian Hunger Program has been able to partner with Huerto de la Familia and similar organizations that are strengthening communities across the country by providing the opportunity to produce and share healthy food.

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  • 2015 OGHS Twitter Header

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySpecial Offerings

    OGHS Twitter Banner

    Feel free to use this twitter banner in your OGHS promotion. Choose "download" for a full-size file.

  • 2015 One Great Hour of Sharing Facebook Header

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySpecial Offerings

    OGHS Facebook CoverDo you or your congregation have a passion for One Great Hour of Sharing that you want to show the world? Use our OGHS facebook header to share this offering with others. 

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  • A Christmas greeting from World Mission Director Hunter Farrell (video)

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyWorld Mission

    The miracle of the Christ child continues to work wonders around the world today. Because of you, Presbyterian World Mission is privileged to bear witness to this magnificent truth in word and deed. Watch this video with Presbyterian World Mission Director Hunter Farrell and learn how Presbyterian mission co-workers bring the joy and peace of Jesus Christ to the world as they address poverty, share the good news of God’s love, and help build bridges of reconciliation.

  • A Hospital for the People of Léogâne (video)

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterians at work around the world

    In the mid-1970’s, Presbyterians partnered with Haiti’s Episcopal Church (EEH) to build Holy Cross Hospital. It's the only hospital of its kind in the Léogâne area, which was at the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake. Holy Cross Hospital was damaged but remained standing after the quake. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) sent $200,000 in emergency funds to the hospital and local nursing school immediately following the disaster. The Haiti Response Team later sent another $775,000 to repair and improve the facility. Construction is expected to be completed in early 2012.

  • A Ministry of Reconciliation (video)

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyWorld Mission

    Doug Baker and his wife Elaine have been PC(USA) mission workers for more than 20 years, serving the cause of peacemaking and reconciliation within various churches and institutions in Northern Ireland.


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