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  • Assembly in Brief - 221 General Assembly (2014) - Korean


    • 주로 “Yes”…로 응답한 총회
    • 세개의 미국 회사들로부터 투자를 철수하자는 안건에 ‘Yes’
    • 동성 결혼에 ‘Yes’: 목회적 역량과 새로운 정의
    • 벨하 신앙 고백에 ‘Yes’
    • 새로운 대회 경계에 ‘Yes’
    • 총회 기관들의 리더들에 대해 ‘Yes’
    • 피스메이킹을 위한 미국 장로교의 지속적 의지에 ‘Yes’
    • 총기 폭력 방지에 ‘Yes’
    • 공동의 선을 위해 다른 종교를 지닌 사람들과 함께 일하기
    • 화석 연료에 대한 투자 철수 문제를 ‘연구할 것’
    • ‘한 아이를 교육시켜, 세상을 변화시켜라’
    • 확대된 피스메이킹 헌금
    • 최종 결과

    Download the English version.

    Download the Spanish version.

  • Austin Seminary’s Beyond the Walls courses include upcoming workshop on women and preaching

    From Presbyterian Mission Agency

    Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary promotes the “outward-looking face” of the institution through a diversity of programs aimed at clergy, church leaders, congregations, and communities.

    Under the heading of Education Beyond the Walls, Austin’s workshops and other learning experiences seek to meet pastors, the laity, and others at their greatest theological education needs.

    One of the upcoming offerings is the workshop Women, Voice and Preaching, taking place May 12–15. Led by the Rev. Dr. Jennifer L. Lord, the Dorothy B. Vickery Associate Professor of Homiletics and Liturgical Studies at Austin Seminary, the workshop will focus on strengthening participants’ voices ...

  • Back O' the Door Wellness Tips

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    Download tips to help promote wellness in your faith community.

  • Background Survey for the 1997-1999 Panel - Summary

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyResearch Services

    A summary of the Presbyterian Panel Survey covering demographic and background information of members in the Presbyterian church.

    These pages summarize major findings from the first survery sent to all panelists asked to serve from 1997 to 1999.

  • Bilingual (Spanish and English) description of the Theological Education Fund

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyTheological Education

    Bilingual (Spanish and English) description of the Theological Education Fund

  • Board of Pensions Assistance Program - Adoption

    From Board of Pensions

    A young birth mother had contacted the adoption agency just hours before the agency’s 4 a.m. call to Rev. Kevin Lind and his wife. Their long wait was over: the Linds had been chosen to adopt her newborn baby. An Adoption Assistance Grant from the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions helped cover the cost for the Linds to be by their new baby’s side, three states away, until they were permitted to take her home.

  • Calling a new installed pastor

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMinisters/Teaching Elders

    Presbyteries ministry commissions/committees play a vital role in assisting congregations in their search for new pastors. It is the responsibility of the liaison representative to guide, support and resource congregations during this transition period. By limiting the time a congregation is without pastoral leadership, the chance of loss morale and loss of membership are lessened. A knowledgeable liaison can make the way for an easy transition. This Tip Sheet provides a best practice process for calling new installed pastors.

  • Celebrate the Gifts of Women 2012 flier

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyRacial Ethnic & Women's Ministries

    On Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday, March 4, 2012, we honor women who contribute their gifts to the church and community, lift up issues of women’s rights, and focus on the role of women in our communities and world. Your congregation or women’s groups can use this resource on March 4 or on any date that you choose to celebrate courageous women who struggle, persevere and survive.

  • Celebrate the Gifts of Women 2013 flier

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyRacial Ethnic & Women's Ministries

    In 2013, Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday honors women through whom God is transforming the church in an emerging era. Though the official Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday is March 3, 2013, your congregation or women’s groups may use this resource on any day that you choose. The resource also includes a worship service with a call to worship, prayer of confession, suggested hymns, suggested scripture readings and a litany of remembrance and renewal, preaching and program suggestions, and recommended resources for further study.

  • Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday Flier

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyRacial Ethnic & Women's Ministries

    On Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday March 9, 2014, we celebrate women who are no longer strangers, who are sisters in God’s diverse household. Your congregation or women's groups may use this resource on any day that you choose.  Get a peek preview of the resource by downloading the flier.  

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