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  • 2016 Manual de Nominaciones para Secretario/a Permanente


    Un elemento importante de negocio ante la 222a Asamblea General (2016) es la elección de un/a Secretario/a Permanente de la Asamblea General. El Comité de Nominaciones del/de la Secretario/a Permanente, elegido por la Asamblea General 221a (2014), ha sido diligente en su trabajo y ha tenido cuidado para seguir el proceso detallado en las Reglas Establecidas de la Asamblea General que se encuentran en el Manual de la Asamblea General.

  • "A Letter to Presbyterians:" The PCUSA 1953 General Council Challenge to McCarthyism

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyAdvisory Committee on Social Witness Policy

    An influential open letter sent by the General Council of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. opposing "red scare" allegations and falsehoods as damaging the moral ethos and democratic practices of our country. In it, John McKay and Eugene Carson Blake make a concise Reformed case for the prophetic role of the church, both in public policy and civic values. The subtitle is: "Concerning the Present Situation in Our Country and In the World." It is an illuminating Christian response to the Cold War, fear of communism, and threats to civil liberties, using Mt ...

  • "Just Eating?" Leader's Guide African American Congregation Adaptation

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Hunger Program

    Just Eating? Practicing Our Faith at the Table Leader's Guide is a seven-session curriculum for congregations that explores the relationship between the way we eat and the way we live, published by the Presbyterian Hunger Program.This version was adapted for use in African American Congregations with the partnership of several churches in the Chicago area.

    The study uses scripture, prayer and stories from the local and global community to explore five key aspects of our relationship with food:

    • the health of our bodies
    • the challenge of hunger
    • the health of the earth that provides our food
    • the ways ...
  • 'Sacraments and Seasons,' Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts 43.3

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyCall to Worship

    By Marney A. Wasserman

    To wonder, as this article proposes to do, about the relationship between sacraments and seasons, is to encounter a whole host of questions about color and texture and meaning, about the words and the signs of our sacramental celebrations, as we enact them through the full cycle of the liturgical calendar. Is the Lord’s Supper in any way different when the table is draped in purple instead of in green? Should it be? Does a baptism celebrated on Easter take on a different meaning in congregational experience than one in October? Is that a good ...

  • 'Three Good Preaching Words,' Call to Worship: Liturgy, Music, Preaching, and the Arts 42.3

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyCall to Worship

    by Mike Graves

    The church has always gravitated toward beauty and justice, and for good reason—they describe the very nature of God. As surely as the New Testament declares “God is love,” it could just as easily have included, “God is beauty” and “God is just.” Travel all over the globe and you will discover beauty is one of the hallmarks of the church. Tourists in Paris take as many photos of Notre Dame as they do of the Eiffel Tower. Stained glass, candles, pipe organs, on and on the list goes. Even the simplest of churches usually will ...

  • 175 Years of Mission and Ministry

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyCurriculum

    Read this article from the ideas! For Church Leaders series:

    2012 marks 175 years of Presbyterian mission and ministry for the GAMC. This article invites you to look at your own mission and ministry in the church, and suggests ideas for building disciples in your congregation.

  • 2008 SDOP grant list

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySelf-Development of People (SDOP)

    See this OGHS report of the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People 2008 funded partnerships.

  • 2009 SDOP grant list

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencySelf-Development of People (SDOP)

    See this list of Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People 2009 funded partnerships.

  • 2010 Disability Inclusion Resource Packet

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    'The Wounds of War: The Church as a Healing Community'

    Is the church ready? Are we prepared to be a community of healing for those who are living now, and will be living for many years, with the wounds of war? Every day the news media reports on the physical and emotional costs of war. One in five soldiers returning from Iraq or Afghanistan lives with major depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Suicide rates and domestic violence have soared. Is the church prepared? Members of the PDC Leadership Team believe that the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds are intertwined. We ...

  • 2011 Disability Inclusion Resource Packet

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    Presbyterians for Disability Concerns (PDC) is offering our 2011 Inclusion Sunday resources to equip churches for inclusive ministry. The ideas and suggestions for worship and theology, confirmation and models of ministry come from actual experiences of writers who are committed to inclusion of children and youth of all abilities. It is our prayer that this packet will assist you in your ministry with all of God’s children.

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