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  • Companion to the Constitution

    From Office of the General AssemblyCommunications

    Throughout our history, we Presbyterians have needed and wanted a companion to the Constitution. This volume is an attempt to provide that companion. It is a tool whose use, it is hoped, will bring a better understanding of the church’s Constitution and how it works. As a companion, this book is intended to be an aid to education and understanding. It should always be considered subordinate to the Constitution and not a substitute for it. Note: This has not been updated with the adoption of a new Form of Government.

  • Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    From Office of the General AssemblyImmigration

    Current US immigration policy is complicated and governmental departments face a backlog of applications upwards of 5 to 7 years. If a foreign born person wishes to come to the US to work and live there are only a few ways he/she can obtain the necessary visa: obtain refugee/asylum status; win one of only 50,000 visas available each year in the US sponsored "lottery" (in 2009 9.1 million qualified applications were received for the lottery); or have a sponsor that is either employment or family based. While this sounds reasonable the parameters around these options are ...

  • Comprehensive Legalization Program for Immigrants Living and Working in the United States

    From Office of the General AssemblyImmigration

    The resolution reaffirms the General Assembly policy on “Transformation of Churches and Society Through Encounter with New Neighbors.” It also reminds the church that “a Christian perspective on immigration challenges us above all to love immigrants, to establish justice for them, and to seek to be reconciled with them in a new and transformed community.” Furthermore, the resolution states “the diversities which immigrants bring contribute to the dynamically evolving  multicultural fabric of this society.”


  • Conscientious Objection - Q&A

    From Office of the General Assembly

    In general terms, conscientious objection is a sincere conviction, motivated by conscience, that forbids someone from taking part in organized killing.  This objection may apply to all forms or to particular aspects of war.  Under U.S. law, this conviction must be based on religious traning and belief, which the Supreme Court has ruled includes sincerely held moral and ethical beliefs as well.

  • Constitutional Courses Mandated by the Book of Order

    From Office of the General AssemblyCommissioned Ruling Elders

    An overview of  constitutional courses for CREs mandated by the Book of Order

  • Consultation

    From Office of the General Assembly

    An overview of the consultation process.

  • Convenient courses for CREs

    From Office of the General AssemblyCommissioned Ruling Elders

    Overview of convenient courses for CREs 0ffered by training programs to meet specific needs

  • Covenant Relationship Between the Korean Presbyterian Church in America and the Presbyterian Church USA

    From Office of the General AssemblyEcumenical Relationships

    The Presbyterian Church (USA) [PC (U.S.A.)] and the Korean Presbyterian Church in America (KPCA) are denominations with common roots and commitments in the Reformed tradition. The emotional ties are the legacy of their mission history. Protestant Christianity in Korea began through the sending of U.S. Presbyterian missionaries to Korea in 1885. Over the past century, Presbyterians in Korea have demonstrated phenomenal growth despite their difficult experiences of suffering. They have become genuine partners in mission and ecumenical engagement not only in Korea and Asia but also throughout the world.

  • Culturally Proficient Leadership Sampler

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Women

    The Antiracism Committee and the Leadership Enhancement Committee of Presbyterian Women's Churchwide Coordinating Team are working together to produce a resource on culturally proficient leadership. This sampler addresses some of the obstacles to achieving truly inclusive communities, and offers scriptural and contemporary reflections on how to achieve this vision.

    Welcoming one another as Christ has welcomed us requires that we pay attention not only to the differences among us that we have labels for—age, race, culture, gender, class, etc., but that we pay attention to things like power and privilege and the way systems can perpetuate disparities even ...

  • DREAM Act Tool Kit

    From Office of the General AssemblyImmigration

    Updated DREAM Act Tool Kit with information on the ACHIEVE Act

    The Office of Immigration Issues updated the DREAM Act Tool Kit to include information on the ACHIEVE Act, which was introduced in the last weeks of 2012.  The DREAM Act would provide a pathway to citizenship for youth and young adults brought as children to the U.S. without authorization.  These youth share American values but lack the paperwork to be able to reach the American dream.  They deserve a commonsense approach to earn the rights and responsibilities of U.S. Citizenship and this country needs their passion and ...

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