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  • Report of the Special Committee on Problem Pregnancies and Abortion

    From Office of the General Assembly

    The 200th General Assembly (1988) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, was asked to respond both to ever-increasing public turmoil over the issue of abortion and to turmoil within our own denomination, including numerous overtures in recent years asking that the General Assembly change, reconsider, or reaffirm the abortion policy expressed in the 1983 document, Covenant and Creation. The response of the 200th General Assembly (1988) was to mandate:

    1. That the Moderator of the 200th General Assembly (1988) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) select a Task Force to conduct a study ...

  • Study Paper On Family Violence

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Concern about an epidemic of spouse, child, and elder abuse led the committee of Women of Color and the Women's Ministry Unit to recommend to the 203rd General Assembly (1991) a paper on domestic violence for study throughout the church.

    The assembly urged churches to study the paper on family violence and to establish programs that respond to domestic abuse in their communities. It also instructed me to print the domestic violence paper and to distribute a copy to each church.

  • Vuelva Al Dios Vivo: Un Llamado Al Evangelismo A La Manera De Jesucristo

    From Office of the General Assembly

    La Asamblea General 203 (1991) continuó dándole un gran énfasis al evangelismo en la vida de la iglesia. Una de las acciones tomadas por la Asamblea fue la adopción de el documento "Vuelva al Dios Vivo: Un llamado al evangelismo a la manera de Jesucristo", el cual articula nuestro compromiso a la evangelización mundial.

  • General Assembly Council Task Force On Church Membership Growth

    From Office of the General Assembly

    This resolution calls upon congregations and presbyteries to a new commitment to evangelism.

  • Turn to the Living God: A Call to Evangelism in Jesus Christ's Way

    From Office of the General Assembly

    The 203rd General Assembly (1991) gave evangelism continued high emphasis in the life of the church. One of the actions taken by the assembly was the adoption of the document "Turn to the Living God: A Call to Evangelism in Jesus Christ's Way," which articulates our commitment to global evangelization.

  • Presbyterians and Human Sexuality 1991

    From Office of the General Assembly

    This report comes to the 203rd General Assembly (1991) after three years of study, research, and writing by the Special Committee on Human Sexuality. The origin, membership, and process of the special committee are described in the Preface. The final draft of the report was approved by the special committee at its meeting in Tampa, Florida, on January 31-February 3, 1991.

    As the special committee entered its final months of deliberations, it became clear that several  members felt that our emerging drafts did not adequately express their views on various problems or on theological method. Efforts to integrate all views ...

  • Resolution on Christian Responsibility And A National Medical Plan

    From Office of the General Assembly

    The 203rd General Assembly (1991) decries our nation's failure to establish an equitable, efficient, and universally accessible medical plan.  It asks the nation's legislative leadership, with help from religious, health care, insurance, and other organizations or industries, to break the impasse for the purpose of establishing  a National Medical Plan.  It returns to the roots of healing found in our faith and speaks forthrightly for healthcare services guided by theological vision.  It calls upon the Presbyterian family to step into the fray, advocating access to health care for all.

    A description of our current health care crisis could ...

  • God Alone is Lord of the Conscience

    From Office of the General Assembly

    For two hundred years, General Assemblies of the Presbyterian Church have been concerned with religious liberty and the relationship of church and state. The first General Assembly might well have heard the echo of Hanover Presbytery’s mighty Memorial to the Virginia legislature: "We ask no ecclesias-tical establishments for ourselves; neither can we approve of them when granted to others." Since 1788, our basic Principles of Church Order have placed in the first position the powerful commitment of our Reformed faith to religious liber-ty: "God alone is Lord of the conscience.…

  • Life Abundant

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Health issues come closer to each of our lives than perhaps any other issue. Almost every Presbyterian has had some direct contact with issues of health, hospitalization, life and death. The 200th General Assembly (1988) has challenged the congregations, governing bodies, and agencies of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) "to become vigorous and conscious promoters of health in all aspects in the life of the church, active advocates and agents of health in social order, and responsible stewards of both health and health resources."

  • Pornography: Far From The Song of Songs

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Responding to overtures from the presbyteries of Elizabeth and Cincinnati, the 196th General Assembly (1984) adopted a resolution on pornography that mandated the Council on Women and the Church (COWAC) and the General Assembly Mission Board (Office of Women) to "persevere in their work in the areas of pornography and obscenity and the education of the church and society to combat the abusive treatment of women."

    Taking action to provide the budget necessary for this study in both 1985 and 1986, the 198th General Assembly (1986) directed the Council on Women and the Church and the Committee on Women’s ...

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