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    Presbyterian Women's 2017 Mission Pledge Packet

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Women

    Promote and collect the 2017 Mission Pledge, Presbyterian Women's annual fund. This packet includes information for PW groups in the congregations, presbyteries and synods.

    It includes a letter from PW 2015–2018 churchwide moderator, Carol Winkler (in English, Spanish and Korean), suggestions for promoting and collecting the Mission Pledge, charts and overviews of how Mission Pledge dollars are spent, PW in the Congregation pledge cards, Mission Pledge forms for the congregations and presbytery and much more.

    And don't forget that envelopes (for giving through the congregation or for individuals to give outside or beyond their congregation) are available ...

  • Educator Certification Advisors

    From Office of the General AssemblyChristian Educators

    To become connected to an Education Certification Advisor in your presbytery or a surrounding presbytery, if necessary, use this presbytery map and the below list of presbytery-approved Educator Certification Advisors.  This connection is required at the time of application.

  • 222nd General Assembly (2016) Program Book

    From Office of the General Assembly222nd General Assembly (2016)

    This is a downloadable .PDF of the complete printed program book. All content in this document is available in the Guidebook Event App.

  • 2016 Stated Clerk Candidates' Handbook - Korean


    2016 정서기 후보 안내서 Stated Clerk  Candidates’ Handbook

    제 222차 총회(2016)에서 다루게 될 업무들 중 주요 사안은 총회의 정서기를 선출하는 것입니다.  제221차 총회(2014)에서 선출된 정서기 공천위원회는 총회 안내서의 총회 정관에 상세히 명세 된 절차를 신중히 준수하며 열심히 일해 왔습니다. 참고로 정관의 해당 부분 H.2.b.가 이 문서(3-4페이지 참고)에 포함되어 있습니다. 

    위원회는 공천과정의 자세한 보고서를 교회에서 언제든지 열람할 수 있도록 했는데, 그것들은 정서기 공천위원회 페이지(Stated Clerk Nomination Committee)와 PC-Biz 자료페이지(resource page of PC-Biz)에 있습니다.

    최종 면담결과, 위원회는 제이 허버트 넬슨(J. Herbert Nelson) 박사/목사를 지정하고 제222차 2016총회에 총회의 ...

  • 2016 Manual de Nominaciones para Secretario/a Permanente


    Un elemento importante de negocio ante la 222a Asamblea General (2016) es la elección de un/a Secretario/a Permanente de la Asamblea General. El Comité de Nominaciones del/de la Secretario/a Permanente, elegido por la Asamblea General 221a (2014), ha sido diligente en su trabajo y ha tenido cuidado para seguir el proceso detallado en las Reglas Establecidas de la Asamblea General que se encuentran en el Manual de la Asamblea General.

  • 2016 Moderatorial Candidates Handbook - Korean


    총회 매뉴얼에 설명되어 있는대로, 정서기가 지니는 책임 중의 하나는 총회장 후보들의 정보를 총대들과 자문대표들에게 전자 방식들로 제공하는 것입니다.  올해는 공동 총회장 후보로 두 팀이 지원했습니다.
    이 책자는 2016년 제 222차 총회에 공동 총회장으로 나서는 모든 후보자들에 대한 다음과 같은 정보를 포함하고 있습니다: 사진, 간단한 자기 소개, 이 직분으로 부름 받았다는 자신들의 소명 의식, 후보자들에 대한 관할권을 지니는 노회에 의한 서면 진술 (만약 노회가 그/녀를 노회에서 승인했다면), 정서기에 의해 작성된 질문들에 대한 후보자들의 대답.

  • 2016 Stated Clerk Candidates' Handbook

    From Office of the General AssemblyStated Clerk Nomination Committee

    A major item of business before the 222nd General Assembly (2016) is the election of a Stated Clerk of the General Assembly. The Stated Clerk Nomination Committee, elected by the 221st General Assembly (2014), has been diligent in its work and has been careful to follow the process detailed in the Standing Rules of the General Assembly found in the Manual of the General Assembly. Download the 2016 Stated Clerk Candidates' Handbook.

  • 2016 Moderatorial Candidates Handbook

    From Office of the General Assembly222nd General Assembly (2016)

    As outlined in the Manual of the General Assembly, one of the responsibilities of the Stated Clerk is to provide to commissioners and advisory delegates an electronic packet of information about each candidate who is standing for Moderator. This year we have two sets of persons standing for Co-Moderator.

    This booklet contains the following information for all candidates standing for Co- Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly (2016): a photograph, biographical sketch, personal statement regarding the candidate’s sense of call to the office, a written presentation by the presbytery having jurisdiction over the candidate (if that presbytery has endorsed him or her), and the candidate’s responses to a questionnaire developed by the Stated Clerk.

  • Presbyterian World Mission Giving Opportunities Catalog 2016-2017

    Presbyterian World Mission Giving Opportunities 2016-2017

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyWorld Mission

    International headlines and Presbyterian efforts to alleviate poverty, share the good news of God’s love in Jesus Christ, and work for reconciliation often intersect.

    Our ministry in South Sudan, Egypt, and other places is relevant not because of its relationship to international press coverage. Instead, our work is relevant because it seeks to be faithful to God’s vision for our world and the expressed needs of our global partners.

    This publication provides brief descriptions of how each person under Presbyterian mission appointment works toward these ends. It also contains stories on some of the ways our mission personnel ...

  • PW Quarterly Newsletter (second quarter 2016), b/w version

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPresbyterian Women

    PW's quarterly newsletter highlights recent news from Presbyterian Women at the churchwide level. Find information about Who Is Jesus? Bible study resources, advance information about the 2018 Churchwide Gathering, highlights from the spring 2016 Churchwide Coordinating Team meeting, mission and giving opportunities, excerpts from a Marian Wright Edelman essay on gun violence and much more. This issue is dated May–July 2016 and reflects news reported through April 27, 2016. To download the color version of the newsletter, click here.

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