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  • 221st General Assembly (2014) Voting Tallies

    From Office of the General Assembly221st General Assembly (2014)

    Approved By The 221st General Assembly (2014)
    Approval of Belhar requires 114 affirmative votes; all other amendments require 86 affirmative votes

  • 222nd General Assembly (2016) Program Book

    From Office of the General Assembly222nd General Assembly (2016)

    This is a downloadable .PDF of the complete printed program book. All content in this document is available in the Guidebook Event App.

  • 222nd General Assembly (2016) Voting Tallies

    From Office of the General Assembly222nd General Assembly (2016)

    If the presbytery votes on amendments at more than one meeting, you may wait until all votes have been completed and report once, or report after each presbytery meeting—simply copy the form and transmit the votes after each meeting.

    The deadline for reporting presbytery votes is June 25, 2017. However, in order to make changes and publish the 2017–19 Book of Order in a timely manner, receipt of votes prior to this deadline would be appreciated.

  • A Celebration of That All May Enter

    From Office of the General Assembly

    The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy (ACSWP) recommends that the 212th General Assembly (2000) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) prepare to celebrate, reaffirm, and recommit to That All May Enter (Minutes UPCUSA, 1977, Part I, pp. 99-108) as the basis for a call to greater concern for the inclusion of all members in every aspect of the life and work of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

  • A Reformed Understanding of Usury

    From Office of the General Assembly

    This report and its recommendations are in response to the following referral:  2004 Referral:  Item 10-09.  On Preparing a Policy Statement on Usury in the United States - From the Presbytery of Utah (Minutes, 2004, Part I, pp. 60, 798-99).

    The 216th General Assembly (2004)'s referred Item 10-09, an overture from the Presbytery of Utah as amended (Minutes, 2004, Part I, pp. 60, 798-99), to the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy to investigate the question of usury in the United States and to prepare a resolution for the 217th General Assembly (2006) that would achieve the following:

     1. More ...

  • A Report on Economic Security For Older Adults

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Emphasizing the common good has clear implications for improving the economic security of older Americans. For example, Social Security is not a personal retirement plan but a social insurance program— a compact with other people, other generations, and the United States government. The essence of social insurance is community, that is, we are all in this together as God’s children. It also affirms the responsibility to make health insurance available to all Americans, not just to one’s own family.

  • A Theological Understanding of the Relationship Between Christians and Jews

    From Office of the General Assembly

    Christians and Jews live side by side in our pluralistic American society.  We engage one another not only in personal and social ways but also at deeper levels where ultimate values are expressed and where a theological understanding of our relationship is required.  The confessional documents of the Reformed tradition are largely silent on this matter.  Hence this paper has been prepared by the church as a pastoral and teaching document to provide a basis for continuing discussion within the Presbyterian community in the Unted States and to offer guidance for the occasions in which Presbyterians and Jews converse, cooperate ...

  • A Workshop Design for the Confession of Belhar

    From Office of the General AssemblySpecial Committee on the Confession of Belhar

    There are a variety of ways to use this workshop design. One suggestion: when learning with large groups, gather in the large group for singing hymns, prayers, and presentation of material and separate into small groups of 6-8 persons for reading and discussion.

    The workshop can be completed in one, 50-60 minute session or in three sessions of 15-20 minutes each. To use the workshop design for the three sessions, the first session ends after the first set of Small Group Questions, Discussion, and Large Group Sharing; the second session ends after the second set of Small Group Questions, Discussion ...

  • A letter to Kentucky legislators concerning SB6

    From Office of the General AssemblyImmigration

    Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, and Linda Valentine, Executive Director of the General Assembly Mission Council, released a letter to Kentucky legislators.

  • ACSWP Voting Rights

    From Office of the General Assembly

    This resolution contains both a Biblical and theological foundation and a set of recommendations for a more participatory and fair electoral process in the United States.  This resolution affirms the extension of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, as amended, and 0pposes all measures that would disenfranchise voters on the basis of race or other condition.

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