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  • 21st Century Leadership Litany

    From Office of the General AssemblyCommunications

    21st Century Leadership Litany from the Six-Agency Leadership Consultation includes characteristics of effective leaders for today’s church set in a beautiful piece that can be used in worship or by those working in leadership formation and support.

  • 220th General Assembly (2012) Commissioners

    From Office of the General Assembly220th General Assembly (2012)

    The number of commissioners that each presbytery may elect for the 219th General Assembly (2010) is determined by the presbytery membership as of December, 2008. Presbyteries with up to 8,000 members (including minister members) will elect 1 minister and 1 elder; those with 8,001 to 16,000 members will elect 2 ministers and 2 elders, those with 16,001 – 24,000 members will elect 3 ministers and 3 elders, etc.

    This chart shows the 2008 membership figures for each presbytery (as reported to the Office of the General Assembly), and the number of commissioners that each presbytery is eligible to elect.

    Twenty presbyteries will elect 2 fewer commissioners than they had for the 2008 assembly; please confirm the number your presbytery may elect early in your process.

  • 220th General Assembly (2012) Voting Tallies

    From Office of the General Assembly220th General Assembly (2012)

    Approved By The 220th General Assembly (2012) Approval of Heidelberg requires 116 affirmative votes; all other amendments require 87 affirmative votes.

  • 2nd Quarter 2013 Management Report

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyMission Budget and Financials


    Actual receipts and expenditures for period 2nd quarter 2013.

  • A Churchwide Letter Concerning Amendment 10-A (Chinese)

    From Office of the General Assembly


    當總會辦公室等待正式計票結果的時刻,173 個中會超過半數已經通過修改封立準則。

    在2011年5月10日本週二的會議,雙城地區的中會成為第87個認可此項修訂文的中會,此修訂文將刪除憲法規定,要求所有牧師,長老和執事生活在“忠誠地一男一女的婚約或守貞的單身“( 教會法規G-6.0106b)。

  • A Churchwide Letter Concerning Amendment 10-A (Korean)

    From Office of the General Assembly

    미국장로교 (PCUSA)  소속 교회에게 드리는 글

     주 안에서 형제 자매된 여러분들께,

     은혜와 자비와 평강이 여러분 가운데 풍성하기를 기원합니다 (유다서 1:2).

    안수 기준에 관한 찬반 토의는 지난 30년동안 미국장로교회 교인들이 힘들게 다루어왔던 사항입니다.   우리는 모든 교회와 모든 교인, 집사, 장로, 그리고 말씀과 성례전의 목사들이 함께 목회의 은사들을 나눌 수 있는 장소를 찾으려고 노력해 왔습니다.  물론, 동시에 우리들은 모든 교회, 교인, 집사, 장로, 그리고 목사들의 뜻이 존중되는 것을 추구하였습니다.

  • A Churchwide Letter Concerning Amendment 10-A (Spanish)

    From Office of the General Assembly

    A las congregaciones de la Iglesia Presbiteriana (EEUUA)

    Estimados hermanos y hermanas en Cristo:

    Reciban ustedes abundancia de misericordia, paz y amor. (Judas 1:2). 

    El debate sobre las normas de ordenación ha sido una lucha en la familia presbiteriana por gran parte de las últimas tres décadas. Hemos tratado de buscar esa posición en la cual cada congregación, cada persona que sea parte de la membresía, cada diácono o diaconiza, anciano o anciana, y ministro o ministra de la Palabra los Sacramentos, puedan compartir sus dones en el ministerio y a la misma vez respetar la integridad de cada congregación, membresía, diácono o diaconiza, anciano o anciana, y ministro o ministra.

  • A Denominational Leader in Addressing Family Violence Issues- A Decade in Review

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyPHEWA

    Read a story about how Black Mountain Presbyterian Church in North Carolina addresses family violence issues.

  • A Missional Hermenutic For Approaching the Bible

    From Office of the General AssemblyConstitutional Interpretation

    A missional hermeneutic will incorporate and then ultimately move beyond broad overviews of biblical mission toward a focused and contextualized exegetical engagement with particular texts, including those that are not usually understood in terms of mission. This approach is rooted in the conviction that God has a mission in the world and that Christians read Scripture as those called and sent to participate in those divine purposes.

  • Presbyterian Panel logo

    A Presbyterian Panel Snapshot: Characteristics of Presbyterians

    From Presbyterian Mission AgencyResearch Services

    This chart provides a brief overview of what we have learned about Presbyterian members, ruling elders and teaching elders through the Presbyterian Panel. View the snapshot for 2011.

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