A Service for the Lord’s Day for September 11, 2011.

This service includes sermon helps for the lectionary readings of the day, liturgy for holy communion, and a prayer based on a Jewish prayer form to remind us that God remembers.   

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  1. "anonymous": 1) You're awfully cryptic. 2) take responsibility for yourelf and sign your comments. 3) I love you.

    by Rev. Rod Roberts

    September 7, 2011

  2. Hey anonymous, I am praying for you. Hope you can work out some peace amidst whatever it is you are going through that makes you so angry.

    by Seth

    September 7, 2011

  3. Why must some members of the PC (USA) always find fault with everything the denomination does. These folks are so negative. It must be exhausting to be so angry all the time! Judgement and self-righteousness are so Old Testament.

    by A Chicagoland pastor

    September 6, 2011

  4. I wouldn't use anything that denies scripture. This is the problem with the denomination. We pay for heresy.

    by anonymous

    September 6, 2011

  5. This is a challenging Sunday for worship planning, requiring us to balance remembrance against pain and despair, hope against fear, and Christ's love against hatred. This thoughtful service will help. Thanks from a small-church Teaching Elder!

    by Skip Dunford

    September 1, 2011

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