Mission Networks Communication System Proposal

A Communications Coordinating Committee will be established to address the needs of the Mission Networks to communicate the following:
1) An up-to-date database of all mission networks. The database will include the current contact person for each network, and the current list of Equipping the Church for Mission Involvement Office EMI, Rls, and Area Coordinators.
2) A welcome to new networks and information to them as to how to start up.
3) How to share promptly major new projects as well as crises with each other and with PWM. Thus we can learn from, assist, and pray for each other.
4) How to make the networks more visible within PC(USA):
- announce how to exhibit at G. A. and other major PC(USA) gatherings;
- be a source for articles for "Highlights" and other church publications;
- explain how to create a web page for each network.

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