The Nations will Bring Their Glory (a homily on Revelation 21.22-26)

By the Rev. Kevin Park, Associate for Theology (Stewardship), Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
A homily presented by the Rev. Kevin Park, about his early life and his father.

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  1. As often is the case when I am reminded of the prejudice and injustice in our world, and in particular in our multicultural nation, I feel a mixture of sadness, humility and anger after reading this homily. How much we miss when we assume things about people based on the external and the stereotypical! How much we Christians still contribute to the pain and exclusion in our world - how true it is that we all are in need of total redemption, forgiveness, re-creation by our Maker! My sermon tomorrow is about praying for our enemies. This gives me some additional food for thought - and prayer.

    by Ellen Woodworth

    June 4, 2011

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