Open your eyes! webinar

May 7, 2010
Open your eyes! Sharing how mission involvement has transformed you

Mission involvement connects us with other Christians around the world whose demonstration of faith can influence our own. From seeing and hearing their stories, we are transformed. How can we effectively tell about our own life and faith transformations through mission? How can we effectively communicate about the life and faith transformations of others? This Open Your Eyes Webinar will look at how to share stories from personal cross-cultural mission experience.

The "God’s Mission Matters" Webinars from Presbyterian World Mission give you the opportunity to be a part of a live, interactive conversation once a month about how to engage more faithfully and effectively in God’s mission. Global partners, mission workers, short-term mission leaders and mission participants are just some of the panelists you’ll find online each month in the Webinars, talking about both insightful and practical ways we can participate in mission.

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