A Pastoral Rule

Pastoral leadership is hard work.  The challenge of sustaining faithful service to Jesus Christ and those who seek to follow him is real.  And it is an abiding challenge.  How can it be done?

Across its history the church has discerned disciplines that sustain faithful service in pastoral leadership.  These disciplines have been gathered together to help pastoral leaders measure their own practice of ministry –  to be grateful for areas where they are strong, and to identify practices that can strengthen them as pastoral leaders.  These documents have often (though not always) been titled “Rule.”  Rule in this sense is akin to “ruler” – a measuring device that brings more precise knowledge. 

“A Pastoral Rule” is such a measuring device.  It gathers wisdom about the practices that sustain pastoral leaders.  “A Pastoral Rule” identifies faithful disciplines in three areas of ministry: personal disciplines, personal conduct, and structures of mutual accountability.

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  1. I would like to commit to the Pastoral Rule as much as possible. I am a retired teaching elder, need to sustaining my faith, and would hope to understand how this fits other non parish teaching elders.

    by Thomas D. Woodward

    January 18, 2013