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Peru YAV Lisa Hermann interview video

Video length: 4:34

Watch a video of an interview mission worker Sarah Henken conducted with Peru Young Adult Volunteer Lisa Hermann.

Also: watch it streaming

For best results, right-click the Download link (or click and use "control" key for Macintosh) and save the file.

(19.6 MB)

  1. Hi Ritchie--There are several YAVs who would be thrilled to speak with your Sunday School class, either in person (if you are located near one of our U.S. sites) or via skype. It will be helpful to know if there is a particular site your class would like to know more about, or a particular type of work they are interested in. Thank you for your interest!

    by Essie

    February 14, 2011

  2. Hi, I teach Sunday school. I think it would be neat to interact with some of the YAV's via email or some other method, and share what's going on with the kids in my class. Any ideas on how this can be done, or if anyone would be open to it? Peace, Ritchie

    by Ritchie

    February 12, 2011

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