Ruth Brown Prayer Card

Use this card as you pray for Mission Co-worker Ruth Brown. The card includes a photo and overview of her work.

Ruth is a food security and development specialist working with the Presbyterian Community of Congo (CPC). She assists the CPC development staff as they seek to expand services throughout the Kasai region. She and her Congolese partners help church members and communities build and maintain coalitions, assess community conditions and implement programs that promote health, education, justice and peace. They facilitate these community development goals by offering Christian education together with training opportunities and ongoing support. “I’m thoroughly convinced that coalitions, guided by God and focused on the common good, can accomplish anything,” she says.

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  1. Dear Ruth, We responded to your two letters sometime ago and forwarded them on to others of your supporters from Iowa. We pray for you daily in your ministry to families and children concerning their health. Are you still going out to the various communitiesI? If you would send us a short update on what you are doing we could put it in our church newsletter. God bless you, your colleagues and your church. Jan Beran

    by George and Jan Beran

    September 11, 2012