Prayer card - Rev. Phyllis Byrd

Use this card as you pray for Mission Co-worker Rev. Phyllis Byrd. The card includes a photo and overview of her work.

As site coordinator of the Young Adult Volunteer Program in Kenya, Phyllis seeks to create a space that helps the volunteers live in a different culture not on their own terms but on the terms of the community that has so graciously invited them. They develop meaningful relationships based on mutual understanding and respect. “We spend our year asking ourselves, ‘What does God require of us?’” she says. “We consider issues of poverty, justice, violence, over consumption, environmental degradation and exploitation.” Phyllis also works with the Organization of African Independent Churches in its Just Communities program, which addresses social justice and governance issues.

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  1. thank you for preaching about the lord and i pray for you

    by Micah White

    April 22, 2013

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