Prayer card - Dr. Eric and Rebecca Hinderliter

Use this card as you pray for Mission Co-workers Dr. Eric and Rebecca Hinderliter. The card includes a photo and overview of their work.

Eric and Becky are classroom teachers in daily, face-to-face contact with young people from post-Soviet states. LCC serves an international community; LCC students come from Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Belarus, Albania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova. Eric and Becky’s hope is that they teach more than the narrow subjects from the college catalogue: “Students watch us very closely; we witness with our lives more than our words. We hope that our students catch something about how to live a life one has reason to value, how one relates to others, and how one contributes to the common good. And we also hope that students get a glimpse of what the Christian life might look like. We hope we teach the Truth. Students here long for authentic relationships with authentic and trustworthy adults. Christian witness is a high-touch business, especially in a digital age.”

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