Rev. Mark and Ashley Wright Prayer Card

Use this card as you pray for Mission Co-workers Rev. Mark and Ashley Wright. The card includes a photo and overview of their work.

Mark and Ashley work with 20 churches of the Presbytery of Honduras in the mostly rural and poor central and southeastern parts of Honduras. Mark teaches biblical concepts, Reformed theology and church organization to pastors. Together they work to develop relationships between Honduran Presbyterians and North American churches and non-governmental organizations, and they facilitate the work of mission teams from the United States. Serving alongside their Honduran brothers and sisters in Christ, they seek to promote true partnership with the Honduran church so that God’s love will be shared and that relationships that do not foster dependency will be nurtured.

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  1. My 3/4gd S.S. class is praying for you each week during our class. Please send any tidbits that would make more meaningful prayers for children.

    by rachel rensberger

    August 31, 2012

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