Advisory Handbook for Preparation for Ministry in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

The latest revision is identifiable by the date "December 2017" and "Release 2.1" on the cover and copyright pages. The handbook provides moderators, presbytery staff, and applicants with an overview of the process and resources, its intentions and goals.

Download the complete handbook (PDF) below. Portions related to specific topics are also available as handouts in Word and PDF.


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  1. Thank you for a wonderful resource! In Maumee Valley, our committee is working toward a change that would mean including persons seeking to serve as Certified Ruling Elders and Certified Christian Educators in our work. We haven't worked through the details yet to see just where their process would vary from what is so thoroughly offered in the new Handbook. Just wondered if you all have been considering the same understanding of Ordered Ministries and how CREs and CCEs are cared for by their presbyteries. Are there resources, or do we just keep working to adapt what we have? Thanks for your time.

    by Marie Cross

    October 26, 2011