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Presbytery of Grand Canyon Continuing Membership and Validation of Ministry Policy

In addition to the "Criteria for Ministry of Continuing Members" found in G-6.0100, G-6.0200 and G-11.0403 the following shall apply:

1. A continuing member shall take the initiative in establishing an active relation to Presbytery evidenced by regular attendance. Regular attendance shall normally be understood to consist of attendance in at least three (3) of the regular stated meetings each year; and request for excuse for all absences. Honorably Retired members are encouraged to attend meetings but are not required to request an excuse for all absences from regular stated meetings.

2. A continuing member shall exhibit and implement willingness to serve in the committee and committee structures of the governing bodies.

3. A continuing member shall be (a) under documented and approved call or contract to a particular congregation or governing body position, (b) honorably retired, or (c) actively seeking a call as pastor, associate pastor, pulpit supply, stated supply, temporary supply, or others pastoral duties, serving, or willing to serve, a minimum of 1/2 time if requested by the Presbytery through its Committee or designated representative. If the member is employed full-time elsewhere, less that 1/2 time is acceptable or (d) entering a work defined in G-11.0411 for which the presbytery shall give its permission by validating it a ministry "In Service Beyond the Jurisdiction".

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