Proposed Docket - 222nd General Assembly (2016)

Updated 5-10-16

The 222nd General Assembly will convene with worship at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 18, and adjourn no later than noon on Saturday, June 25. Some important events precede the official start of the assembly: on Saturday morning, commissioners and advisory delegates are invited take part in Riverside Conversations - a debate-free time to begin conversing about some of the topics before the assembly.

The proposed docket includes more information on the official assembly meetings.

The assembly schedule will include many other optional events and meals sponsored by various entities and organizations. These can be good ways to learn about church programs, meet other attendees with similar interests, and hear outstanding speakers.

Opportunities abound for spiritual nourishment at the assembly. The assembly begins with worship on Saturday morning. On Sunday morning, all participants will have the opportunity to worship in area churches; transportation will be provided. Worship services and bible studies are planned throughout the week.

Updated on 5-10-16

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  1. I would not single out one candidate for inflammatory rhetoric, but express deep concern for the civility of public political debates by everyone. The comments of the 2016 Presidential election process are not the only locus of this problem. It has grown over many years in every level of public discourse. It is divisive for communities and destructive to the mutual respect and human dignity of individuals. It has become so egregious in partisan politics that it is undermining the functionality of our democracy and ruining our ability to be credible leaders in global relationships and problem solving. Since many candidates now also use religion as a credential, perhaps it is time for a thoughtful Christian response at the denominational level.

    by Rev. Dr. Helene H. Loper

    April 3, 2016

  2. Now that Republican candidates have backed away from Donald Trump, an opportunity for a motion of Grave Concern at the Portland GA would be entirely appropriate in a censorship of the very factious candidate. In 1970 my uncle and godfather, William R. Laws Jr.,moderator, supported the McGovern-Feingold amendment along with a nonbinding measure of Grave Concern to censure the indiscriminate Nixon bombing of Laos and other countries. The key for the church is to address both political parties, as was done in regard to the bombing. As well, it might indeed be important to address a central Trump outrage, his comments about building a wall, as the very wise 1970 GA focused specifically on the ongoing bombing.

    by William R. Laws III

    March 30, 2016

  3. Can the GA encourage local churches to join in the opening worship for the GA meeting in June? How about publishing the time of the event, ask local churches to have people gather at their church, log into the GA website for the event, and be a part of the worship. Perhaps the two national magazines could print the Worship Bulletin ahead of time. Would this help the GA meeting be a "real part" of the life of the churches?

    by Rev. Dr. L. Wayne Bryan

    November 12, 2015