Prospectus: Living Through Economic Crisis

Introductory Remarks: the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy presents this brief document along with the social involvement report, Living Through Economic Crisis,” as “a prospectus defining the social issue(s) to be addressed.” (Manual of the General Assembly, Standing Rule 57 (c.) 1) Based on existing G.A. policies, the study will result in a resolution paper providing recommendations as described in the General Assembly’s mandate. The process for preparing prospecti and for including biblical, theological, confessional, sociopolitical, and ecumenical factors in a study task force’s discernment is spelled out in the 1993 policy, “Why and How the Church Makes a Social Policy Witness.”

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  1. Try starting with a "O" budget. Think creatively about the daily needs of self and family. Identify the resources you know exist. Try them. See how real they are in assisting the individual for a defined period of time. What about a family's needs; shelter, food, clothing, schooling, work access. How does the church measure up to the daily needs of a young adult male with a group of homeless friends (Jesus and the disciples)? Biblical record.

    by D. Jackson

    December 10, 2010

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